Myth and MagicS

Myth and Magic in Sarah's World

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People from every corner of the known world were drawn to the good life found in Serenia. With them they brought many traditions of magic and myth. Though some accept magic and myth without question, Sarah's Aunt Medea has been teaching her that there are deeper meanings beneath the surface of most ancient teaching myths that are valid and important. Learning to discern the underlying truth of myth is an important part of her training.

Sarah is also learning that there are many things within the realm of the mystical that are also valid and very powerful, though it is even more difficult to discern what is from what is imagined. This is where Sarah's training in Meditation is serving her well.

Below you will find a list of some of the objects, beings and practices mentioned in the tales of Sarah's life uncovered to date.

Magical Objects and Sacred Beings

  • Anivoyance - Seeing through the eyes of a selected animal. Similar to shamanic practices only using a physical animal rather than an animal spirit.
  • Arkalite - A dark, soft stone that is used in carving objects, especially trinkets and talismans.
  • Asielidie - Water Spirits / Beings that can travel under the desert through seeps in the earth and emerge at wells, oases, and springs. They have a dualistic material existence and can take a physical form, but can transform into a vaporous form to travel through water. They refer to themselves as Aneense.
  • Auradie - Air Spirits / Beings that travel on the wind. Some say they control the winds. They work with their water spirit cousins, the Asielidie, to bring the rains. They are believed to affect fire as well. 
  • Briak - A mass of dead air at sea. It is feared by sailors because once caught in it they must await its whims or row their way out. Sometimes a Briak is followed closely by a storm. Some believe the Marisidie work with their air spirit cousins, the Auradie, to control the Briak.
  • Demina - A chief goddess of the southern desert region predating the founding of Serenia. She lost favor for unknown reasons and is rarely acknowledged in Sarah's time, but she has retained all of her power and waits patiently for those who would honor her.
  • Ferugian Carpets - A carpet made by the Ferugian artisans that is said to have magical properties. They are a mystical people that no one seems to know where they hail from. For those who can use them, the carpets are sometimes maps to hidden places, view ports and even portals to hidden places. 
  • Jahana - [a.k.a. Anavega / Sai Ariad / Orianis] One chosen or called to a great cause. Such a person is often a key or catalyst to change rather than than someone with innate power.
  • Kadas Moar - Prominent rock formations of great meta-physical / spiritual power and significance. They are guardian markers of sacred places or portals to other realms and are usually black, white, or red in color. The Rock of Insanity is a Kadas Moar, marking a portal into the world of the Marisidie.
  • Koleemah - A state of spirit connection with another entity. In it, one can experience the thoughts and perceptions of the other as though they were one’s own.
  • Malfut - A holly man of the Eastern Desert. Often a warrior as well. Known to turn to sorcery more often than holy men of other regions. Some say it is because the Spirits of the eastern desert are especially strong.
  • Maridor - The mythical city of the Marisidie, said to lie beneath the sea.
  • Marisidie - These are the Oceanic kin of the Asielidie. They are water spirits / beings that inhabit the sea, especially near coastal areas. It is believed they have dwellings within rocks and use magic portals to enter and exit these. They are said to be able to emerge from the water for short periods or to become vaporous and enter seeps to travel the passageways of the Asielidie.
  • Mulatai Warriors - The Mulatai Warriors are nomadic bands of fierce fighters that ride the desert like the wind. They are mysterious and it is said their women ride and fight with their men. No one knows where they came from or where they go to but they are much feared, and the numerous tales of brutal raids on caravans are legendary. They have never been successfully engaged by Serenian armies and they are left to roam the desert.
  • Niya Tree – A tree that grows only in the land of Malakos. Said to have magic properties. Rare wood from this tree is sometimes used to store and protect sacred or powerful objects. Can also be used to safely keep objects of great negative power so they do not affect the holders.
  • Orb of Ashi - A Ferugian magical orb that can lead the seeker to a desired place.
  • Order of Eisalis - The most powerful order of healers in Serenia to which Sarah’s aunt Medea belongs.
  • Satva - The grand female leader of a medicine society or sometimes the most respected healer/elder of a community.
  • Sucking Sands - Places in the desert where one is sucked down into the ground, never to be seen again. The Taludie are associated with the Sucking Sands but it is unclear what other demons or spirits control them. They are often found over ancient wells.
  • Solanidie - Spirits of the earth. A general term for any spirit or physical being that inhabits the surface of the earth, the realm of the sun.
  • Sadhvi - The divine patron spirit of desert waters. Usually associated with Demina.
  • Sukesh - The Lord of Comfort. He was the major deity of Sukeshia in ancient times.
  • Taludie - Dust devils are said to be the spirits of the desert and sand. They often precede important events, both good and bad. Some claim they can sweep a person away, never to be seen again, while others insist they bring blessings. They take the form of twirling winds but it is said that they can also take a more solid form. The Taludie are associated with the Sinking Sands but it is unclear how.
  • Tantalus Bowls - Small bowls used in mixing medicines. They are sometimes used like shells in a shell game, with different medicines / mixtures in each and the receiver needs to pick one to take, tapping into the person’s inner healer / intuition. Have been used in dark medicine as a test of worthiness with one or more bowls containing poison.
  • Veda - A minor deity of ancient Sukeshia.